This Might Not Work

risk cannon

Imagine walking through your home/apartment/residence from one end to the other. No big deal; you’ve done it countless times.

But this time…

You get to the kitchen, and stop dead.

Because I’m there (hi!). Balancing on your table. Toes gripping the edge; heels hanging over the expanse.

I’m focused. But I catch your eye and give you a mischievous grin.  

“Hold on a second,” I whisper, “this might not work.”

That last phrase has been my theme lately: this might not work. The delicate space between excitement and panic, between success and...learning (not failure), between joy and pain. The atmosphere is loaded with potential energy.

Something could happen. Something will happen.

But will it be the outcome I have in mind? The outcome I’m aiming for? I think that bit of unknown is the spark, the good stuff, or at least the substance of what keeps life interesting.

I’m launching a brand new group TODAY (!), wading into the unknown, carving out time in the margins to keep tinkering with everything. I’ll never be ready, not totally. But now’s as good a time as any.

What about you? Wanna climb up and join me? What’s holding you back?

If you’re not careful, it might just work:)

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