You want clarity around a big decision. Or confidence on a course of action. You're looking to move, launch, level up. You're somewhere on the timeline of a big transition. Whether it's a journey toward restoration, an effort in personal improvement, or something in between, you’ve arrived at the realization that changes are in order; you cannot simply remain.

Congratulations. You're hungry enough to GET GOING!

Maybe it's the job. Maybe it's the relationship. Maybe it's a belief, tribe, or identity that is no longer serving you.

The delta between the future you envision and your current trajectory has finally reached a breaking point. Maybe you're overwhelmed; maybe you're excited. Probably there's a little of both.


Hi! My name is Wes Gow. I'm a husband, father, wannabe-surfer, ok-rock climber, and full-time coach. I've thrived and I've failed and I've floundered in between, but all of my experiences have produced hard-won lessons of who I am not, and who I am becoming. I'd love the opportunity to help you do the same.

As a coach, I work with clients who are entering into - or mired in - a season of transition. I'll help you squeeze every last drop of learning out of your experience so that you are fully transformed when we crest the other side! If something in your life has come to an end, or if there's a barrier to you and/or your team's success, then let's connect. 

Our Approach

Our Story


Glad you asked!

Coaching is unique in that it is neither diagnostic nor directive; rather, the purpose is to unlock self-awareness, generate learning, and accomplish meaningful goals.

Coaching addresses the mental and internal aspect of human performance in life and business.

"So you're not a consultant, shrink, or guru?"

Nope. Each of those can have their place in helping us find our way, but they do differ from coaching in some important aspects.

Take a look at the summary chart below:


Sessions begin with setting a clear agenda. The coach will then partner with the client to generate new awareness through a variety of skills and exercises. The coach and client will then co-design SMART actions and measures of accountability that build on this new learning and challenge the parameters of what is possible!

My personal approach to coaching is fiercely focused on your success. I live in the space between the right-sized kick in your ass and the confidence you’re going to need to crest the other side. I’m interested in results - your results - so my only rules for engagement are these: 1) show up; 2) do the work; 3) embrace the learning. You'll either achieve the awareness necessary to act on your goal(s), or I'll terminate our contract. It's that simple. I'm not here to take your money and have a good conversation. I'm in it for traction, movement, and change.


Great question!

Are you willing to put in the work that others won’t? Do you find yourself believing there’s more potential than your current reality? Are you a voracious learner who readily invests in yourself? Do you find that your own personal standards often exceed the norm?

But - despite your abilities - do you sometimes get tangled in your own head space? Do you find yourself living from a place of scarcity? Are you too often looking for external affirmation (or permission)?

This intersection of hope and fear is my sweet spot; it’s where I thrive. And where I thrive, you’ll thrive. No question. You’ll attain your goals faster, sustain new behaviors longer, and retain a level of awareness and insight that is deeper and stronger than your present state. In short, you'll get clarity, get confidence, and GET GOING!

If you’re ready to act, then I’m ready to help.

Investing in a season of coaching is an investment in the future you desire!


Select your preferred group or 1:1 package HERE.

The questionnaire included in your selection will help you get clarity on where you're at and where you'd like to be. If you're choosing a group, be sure to check the dates and times (and time zone, I'm ET).

If you'd prefer only 1:1 support, then choose your time frame from the link above and we'll get after it.

If you’re hungry, then I’m interested. 

Let’s do this. Let’s get you going!