I want to join one of the following groups to help me take the next step(s):


I'm in my 20's. Now WTF?!

COST: $1200

FEATURES: 6 group sessions + 2 individual sessions

FOCUS: clarity & confidence around your life/career direction


  • to feel energized by a sense of direction and purpose in my work and/or life
  • to not feel lost, listless, or disillusioned


I want to start, build, or create. BUT I'M STUCK!

COST: $1800

FEATURES: 6 group sessions + 6
individual sessions

FOCUS: accelerated traction on your creative/entrepreneurial endeavor


  • to be pushed past my comfort zone and stretched beyond my boundaries
  • to not be coddled, catered to, or allowed to indulge my limiting beliefs

Career Transitions


COST: $1800

FEATURES: 6 group sessions + 6
individual sessions

FOCUS: clarity around the next step(s) of your vocational trajectory


  • to be supported through the unknown and challenged in the face of adversity
  • to not forget what I am moving toward and to not be allowed to retreat

Actually, I'd prefer 1-on-1 support

1 Session

I need a jumpstart!

COST: $100


Clarity around a few different choices

3 months

I need help getting there!

COST: $1800


Getting your dream across the finish line

6 months

I've got big plans!

COST: $3600


Launching your biz, art, or product



Great question. Let's make a deal, right here and now; two deals actually.

Deal #1: if you're not satisfied with your investment at ANY POINT during our time, I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions.

Deal #2: if you join a group or choose an individual package, but do little more than make excuses and waste my/our time, I'll refund 100% of your money and terminate our arrangement.

Make no mistake, I'm not in this for the equivalent of a good conversation. I'm in it for results. Your results. If you're not digging deep, taking risks, licking wounds, and waking up to do it all over again, then I'm bored and I want my time back, never mind the money.

If that sounds good, then let's get into it!



I LOVE it and I've got a few questions!


"As a founder and CEO of an energy tech company, every day feels like a chaotic race through a maze without a map and in the dark. Working with Wes has become critical for me to refocus, cut through the noise, and stay energized." - Josh

"Wes's coaching helped me realize that I need to face my insecurity and fear and learn from it, grow with it, and realize that it is trying to tell me something. Wes gave me the tools and the space to grow, and I continue to do so. He coached me on how important it is to listen and learn." - Mike

"The group really changed my entire perspective on my life. It helped me open my eyes and realize what I love and even who I am. I came into the meetings wanting to have career/general goals and aspirations. I originally did not think I would come out of it feeling any different but am so pleased to say I have. It has now been over a month since my meetings with Wes ended, but I am still more fueled with passion and direction than ever before. If anyone is looking to find a place to freely think and understand their goals or even who they are I would recommend these groups 100%.” - Ludinia

"Wes is an amazing coach! I have always loved the idea of coaching, yet was skeptical to give it a try. My first session with Wes completely took the skepticism away. He was able to relate to me and talk to me in a way I understood. He has amazing empathy and is genuinely wanting to help. I’m always amazed at the things I learn about myself in our sessions. If you’re on the fence give it a try!" - Chase

“When coaching, Wes combines presence and creativity in ways I never see coming! This is very helpful in broadening my perspective so I can get unstuck.” - Liz G.

“Wes coaches like nobody else. His trademark blend of empathy, intelligence, humility, and self-awareness draws out his client’s hidden inspiration, resilience, and purposeful action. I’m not just saying it - I’ve experienced Wes’s coaching over a 6 month period of transition. He helped me maintain my daily balance during a time of intense pressure.” - Noah

"What struck me first about Wes was his friendly demeanor and willingness to unconditionally accept me as I am. Or, was. I am, in so many ways, a better and different person thanks in no small part to knowing Wes." - Chris

“Wes and I talked for probably two hours. In that relatively short amount of time he was able to cut through a lot of things to get to the heart of what I want to do. He asked me questions I didn’t know the answer to and gave me a lot to continue thinking about. I’m a fairly self aware individual and wasn’t sure how the coaching was going to go, but I was so surprised at how helpful it was. He really helped me identify and define what my passions actually are so I can move forward in finding ways to use those passions. We met over 6 months ago and I still think about that conversation.” - Liz

"Wes coached me to see through my limiting beliefs and get clear on what I really wanted. There was never any judgement, just encouragement and an unwavering belief in what I could achieve." - Terrence

“I never really viewed Wes as a coach, but more like a friend who asks great questions that make you look at things differently. I always walked away from our conversations feeling energized and less stressed. Don’t let the title of 'Life Coach' stop you from having great conversations with him that lead to genuine growth.“ - Gil

"Wes was very helpful in bringing out positive aspects of my situation/dilemma. What I like most about him is he really helps you learn and understand the root of problems to address as opposed to just the surface issues.  And he does this through simple and insightful questions.  So it's not him giving advice, but you realizing and getting a solid understanding, from your own thinking, of what you really want and the most helpful direction to take." - Wayne

"The life coaching experience helped me to find peace in the post college grad season, where I wasn't really sure if I was headed in the right direction. At the same time, it also pushed me to seek out dreams and pursue them - even if it is only in small ways at first. I found that having a group to bounce ideas off of and gain new perspectives during a time that I felt stuck, was beneficial to accepting my present and pursuing the future." - Hannah

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