young professional 2

Young Professional groups are most effective with those who are 2-3 years into the full-time working world. You may be taking a class or two for a graduate degree, but the majority of your time is spent as an employee, not a student. Depending on your path thus far, this can be a season of disillusionment, second-guessing, and growing unrest. Participants in Young Professional groups are primed to discover a new alignment and empowered to design actions that will establish a course toward the best versions of themselves. I personally believe that the betterment of yourself, your relationships, your communities - and ultimately our world - may be tied directly to your awareness and embrace of the role you are meant to play, the space you are meant to inhabit, the person you are meant to become. The sooner you find this path, the better off we’ll all be!

Let's do this. Let's get you going!