On Being

A few weeks ago my wife and I both got the same text at 7:00am on a Wednesday. Effectively immediately, the school our girls attend was moving to virtual learning only for the next 10 days.

Instant stress.

Patients, clients, and meetings had to be moved, rescheduled, or cancelled altogether. Apps had to be downloaded to track assignments. Emails and phone calls had to be made with our respective employers.

Essentially, we were now simultaneously maintaining our jobs and homeschooling our kids.

Sound familiar? The whole routine all over again. Which meant my whole emotional roller coaster kicked into high gear. Personally, this felt wrong, unjust, unnecessary. My initial energy was directed toward finding a way to change this policy, to right this wrong. (And I completely understand there's an entirely opposite reaction to such policies).

And yet over the next few days, as we slowly found our footing, I realized that the bigger question for me was not "How do I fix this?" but "How do I be in the midst of this?"

Because here's the reality: those 10 days were going to pass, and then life would present something else. Some other form of disruption. Some other source of frustration. OR. Some other teacher.

I once heard someone say that life is hardwired for our growth. This was a moment for me. A teacher. I could fight it, or adopt the posture of a learner.

What about you?
What have you been fighting?
What would change if you shifted to learning?