young family

Young Families generally describes couples married under 10 years, usually in their mid thirties, with kids under the age of 7. In this stage of life, it’s quite possible that the life you’ve created thus far looks successful: a home, a family unit, an apparent career. And yet for many adults with young families, there’s a stress, pain, and longing that very rarely sees the light of transparent community. After all, our social media feeds are tailored to maintain the illusion of peace, contentment, and of course, success. The reality is that the person behind the avatar feels far removed from any of those words. Of all the groups I coach, these are the days when you are perhaps most susceptible to “should'ing” all over yourself: I should be happy, I should be content, I should be thankful. Instead, there’s a voice, longing, or fear that won’t go away, and often a distinct sense of guilt that haunts any pursuit of personal honesty and truth about these feelings. In the Young Families groups, we aim to give that voice the microphone, maybe for the first time. The years of child rearing are difficult. Your life matters more to someone else right now than it does even to yourself; you give yourself away to these little ones in the good work of keeping them alive and healthy. But here’s the god-honest truth: if you’re going to help them become their best, then you must begin to redirect your focus onto your best. You still have a LOT of life ahead of you; don’t accept the lie that you are no longer becoming! Let’s create a coaching experience that invites that voice to the table; I suspect it has something important to say. (This cohort features both group learning as well as individual couple’s coaching).

[Total program cost = $1260/couple. Payment plans consist of two installments of $630 or three payments of $420. Weekly group sessions are 1 hour; weekly couple's sessions may vary from 15 min - 1 hr depending on preference. Cohort dates/times are announced in advance of registration; accompanying couple's sessions are scheduled after registration based on availability.]

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