The SHIT Show

There is a direct, incontrovertible link between greatness and loss, between innovation and inconvenience, between achievement and embarrassment. 

Anyone who has ever accomplished anything worthy of note has overcome a litany of obstacles and setbacks. Life itself is born of pain. And as every green thumb knows, the best soil from which to produce food and beauty is that which is riddled with shit and rot.

2020 has been a shit show.

The question, then, is what will you do with it? 

How will you harness this inconvenience, loss, cost, fear, anger, etc? If you took the posture of a farmer, how might you tend the soil of these emotions?

In this case, the options seem fairly binary:  either exert your energy to kick against what is, or channel it to drive your next step.

To be honest, for me this is a moment-by-moment decision, usually made dozens of times a day. Example:  I can respond to that social media post with my own political/pandemic views, or I can reach out in gratefulness to potential new clients.

And speaking of pandemic/medical views, remember that prolonged exposure to “easy” is never good for you.

What might grow from this great shit show??

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