My Debut Novel!

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Friends! We recently celebrated July 4th, (Independence Day here in the States), and it was a big day for me: MY 40th BIRTHDAY!

To celebrate, I’m finally bringing to light a project I’ve been working on for the last few years. My first (maybe only?) novel! It’s a story about my hometown, about healing and moving on, about grappling with the boundaries of all that you’ve ever known or believed. Best of all - for me, at least - it’s a creature-feature thriller (read as: monsters and stuff).

You can read more about it at the link below. Anyway, I almost talked myself into pushing the release date back to October, or whenever the world resumes even a modicum of sanity. After all, who cares about another self-funded piece of art in a world gone bonkers? But after some consideration, I like the idea of this as a sort of birthday present for us both. Me, you, us. And who knows, maybe now more than ever we could use a tale about wrestling with what we cannot control:)

I hope you enjoy it!

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