It Takes Two

It Takes Two

In two questions you can find yourself in a vulnerable state, void of excuses.

The first question is this: What do you really want?

Sounds simple, right? Maybe even on the verge of trite. And yet at the heart of its simplicity lies the powerful intersection of desire and fear. Naming what it is that we really want requires acknowledging the reasons we don’t currently have it.

Which leads us to the second question: What are you willing to do about it?

Nevermind why you don’t have whatever it is you answered for question #1; get right to the action. You really want something, so let’s direct our energies on what you want to do about that.

But here’s a bonus question, a deeper dive. So far we’ve been talking about the “what’s.” But for you to move forward successfully, you’ve got to get to the “who.” Who do you need to become to be successful?

Oftentimes, the change to an external aspect of life cannot be achieved without a similar internal transformation.

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