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Hi, I'm Wes! I'm a husband, father, wanna-be surfer, ok-climber, and full-time coach. For more info about me and how I coach, click HERE. Otherwise, I'm excited for you to learn more about the packages and groups below.



Group Coaching offers a powerful environment for change as members experience learning and growth in the momentum of a like-minded cohort. I myself have been personally impacted as a participant in these settings, and I thoroughly enjoy them from the coaching perspective as well. As a coach, I work with clients who are in transition to accelerate their learning, growth, and development. The demographics below are great examples of transitions, and they represent my most common offerings. (That said, my approach can be tailored and customized to the needs of your group).

Groups generally run for twelve weeks, with each featuring supplemental sessions of individual coaching. Groups are limited to 4 members, and may be experienced virtually or in-person (depending on location).

New cohorts are launched periodically with registration info announced well in advance. Click on the links below for specific information, or contact me directly at to discuss an idea you may have for your group.

Beta Groups!

Betas are designed for you to experience the synergy of group coaching before registering for one of the groups below. Kind of like a test drive:) (read more)


Fellowships are small group “sprints” comprised of like-minded travelers who have joined forces not only to accomplish their own quests, but to support others in their pursuits. (read more)

Student Semesters

This group is designed for students in the fall or spring semester of their senior year (high school, college, or graduate-specific cohorts); meaning they are entering a season of significant change in their lives. (read more)

Young Professionals

Young Professional groups are most effective with those who are 2-3 years into the full-time working world. You may be taking a class or two for a graduate degree, but the majority of your time is spent as an employee, not a student. (read more)


Whether it’s bringing an idea into fruition or a project across the finish line, the journey of the creative is one that requires a deep connection with risk, resilience, and relationships. The archetype of the lonesome quest doesn’t have to be your story. (read more)

Young Couples

The emotions surrounding emerging relationships are altogether exhilarating, inspiring, and at times downright stressful! Wherever you and your significant other are in your journey together, a season of coaching before children arrive will establish a sure foundation for the stages of your relationship that will follow. (read more)

Young Families

Young Families generally describes couples married under 10 years, usually in their mid thirties, with kids under the age of 7. In this stage of life, it’s quite possible that the life you’ve created thus far looks successful: a home, a family unit, an apparent career. And yet for many adults with young families, there’s a stress, pain, and longing that very rarely sees the light of transparent community. (read more)

Single Parents

There is perhaps no greater under-served or misunderstood space than this, yet this is an ever-increasing portion of our culture and population. Life itself presents so many variables outside of our control, and it would be foolish to make assumptions as to how anyone may find themselves in this chapter of their story. (read more)


NEW VIEWS CREATE NEW MOVES! Excursion coaching packages are designed to do just that: provide you with a new external view in order to accompany the new internal awareness and perspective that we've been generating together in our sessions. (read more)