Hi, I'm Wes! I'm a husband, father, wanna-be surfer, ok-climber, and full-time coach. For more info about me and how I coach, click HERE. Otherwise, I'm excited for you to learn more about the Excursion Packages below.



Beta Groups are an opportunity for you to experience the magic of a group cohort before registering for a Fellowship or Excursion. Betas are completely free and will be offered the first Tuesday of every month for 2020. Space is limited to 4 per session. Once a specific date is filled it will no longer be available on the form.

Much of my coaching utilizes The Hero's Journey as a framework for helping clients orient their goals into a larger narrative. Beta Groups will allow you to explore this cycle with me and discover how it can serve you on your own journey!

See the dates and links below for more info, and I hope to meet you in a group soon!


Dates for 2020 Beta Groups are listed below; all dates begin at 7pm ET:

    • March 3
    • April 7
    • May 5
    • June 2
    • July 7
    • August 4
    • September 1
    • October 6
    • November 3
    • December 1

Got a question? Email me directly or schedule a call!

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