senior semester

Student Semesters are designed for students in high school and college. Often these years present some of the first recognizable interactions with seasons of significant change and transition. Such times of transition may be difficult to navigate, which makes them optimal for a coaching experience! In the Student Semester groups, teenagers and young adults will walk away with clarity surrounding their values, priorities, and perspectives, all of which have a direct impact on grades, performance, and quality of life. (Parents, these groups are an investment into your students and make great graduation gifts!)

[Total program cost = $960. Payment plans consist of two installments of $480 or three payments of $320. Weekly group sessions are 1 hour; weekly individual sessions may vary from 15 min - 1 hr depending on preference. Cohort dates/times are announced in advance of registration; accompanying individual sessions are scheduled after registration based on availability.]

Hi! I'm Wes, founder of Cardinal Coaching Solutions. I work with clients who are in a season of transition to accelerate their learning, growth, and development. You’ll attain your goals faster, sustain new behaviors longer, and retain a level of awareness and insight that is deeper and stronger than your present state. Whether it's a journey toward restoration, an effort in personal improvement, or something in between, I'd love to help get you going!

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Let's get you going!